Uncommon Trait Scroll

Category: Trait Items

Rarity: Uncommon

Although there are many media through which to craft spellwork, the most common by far makes use of enchanted scrolls. Of all the standardised spell scrolls available to a wandering atli on the Bruwenan High Street, perhaps the most common is, ironically, the Uncommon Trait Scroll. One of the first marketable spell scrolls crafted by ancient mages, it's only recently that atli have been able to get the production down to a science.

It's not unusual for atli to be gifted trait scrolls on important anniversaries, and the Uncommon Trait Scroll is frequently awarded to those graduating school. Usually referred to as Emerald Scrolls on Celrin, the lucky green colour is said to bring good fortune to those who keep one in their possession.

Rare Trait Scroll

Category: Trait Items

Rarity: Rare

The first Rare Trait Scroll, or Azure Scroll, was crafted thousands of years ago by a calligrapher known only by the pseudonym Scribe. The recipe was passed down by scholars and remained kept in utmost secrecy - it was feared that whoever contained the power to bind such strong magical energy to a scroll could unlock the secret to the creation of atli itself. Fortunately, this is not the case; the production of Rare Trait Scrolls is largely harmless, though it does use up an extraordinary amount of coveted magical ingredients.

Now, Rare Trait Scrolls are fairly commonly found in any reputable parchment shop, though one requires a spellmaker's license to produce them. They're often presented to atli at the time of a promotion at work or the reception of an award, typically achievements that reward ambition and drive.

Myth Trait Scroll

Category: Trait Items

Rarity: Myth

Seldom seen, a true Myth Trait Scroll is highly desirable. It's not rare to hear stories of forgeries being sold on the black market: greedy atli are often tricked into purchasing cursed scrolls. In fact, certain parchment shops offer appraisal services free of charge to those who claim to possess one. 

The golden ink of a true Myth Trait Scroll is iridescent and glamorous - it's said to glow faintly in the dark, as if radiating some forgotten warmth. Atli who happen to have obtained one, whether through illicit or honourable means, refuse to speak of it for fear of becoming a target of thieves. There are many stories of atli's appearances changing in strange and mysterious ways after overexposure to such scrolls, but these have only served to stoke the fire of intrigue.

Lunar Salt

Category: Crafting Materials

Rarity: Common

Despite its name, lunar salt isn't actually sourced from the huge, rumbling mines of Celrin's twin moons. In fact, it doesn't come from off-planet at all. The famed salt flats in the northern land of Astari house entire communities where lunar salt is the main export, known both for the numbing sensation it creates when consumed and its unusual shape.

Lunarisation is a curious process that only happens under exact conditions. The salt shatters in strange crescent moon shaped crystals when placed under immense pressure, something that up until recently could only occur organically. Now, there are entire research projects devoted to picking apart lunarisation and the mysterious effect it has not only on lunar salt, but on all the crystals that form in Astari.

Crystal Bone

Category: Crafting Materials

Rarity: Rare

The pearlescent volcanoes of the Sivan Peaks are largely dormant, but there are clear records of volcanic activity stretching far back through Celrin's history. The unique makeup of their magma has resulted in a much prized black soil, renowned for its fertility despite the crystalline shards scattered throughout it. If you dig deeper, however, you'll find something far more precious buried in the ground: bones.

The skeletons of the long dead creatures who once roamed Celrin can be found with just a little excavation. After they passed away,  the bones became impenetrably hard crystals, preserved perfectly within the tightly packed loamy soil. When extracted safely, crystal bones can be used to craft anything from flashy armour to unbreakable vials, though it's perhaps worth remembering that someday, the supply will run out.

Crimson Ribbon

Category: Crafting Materials

Obtained: ???

Rarity: Oddity

There is a well known folktale told to young atli about a magical red ribbon that ties soulmates together by their pinkies. The reality is not so fantastical. Scarlet ribbons symbolize the bonds between atli, whether romantic or platonic, and are often attached to letters as a sign of goodwill or a caring thought. They can be purchased from any post office and are little more than cheap fineries, considered tacky by some members of the younger generation. In fact, it has become fashionable to opt for more discreet packaging, especially when communicating with someone you're not as close to.

This ribbon, however, seems a little different. It has a mysterious shine to it and a strange warmth that envelopes your fingertips whenever you brush them against its shimmering edges. You could almost swear that you can see it twitching out of the corner of your eye, as if being tugged to some faraway destination. Perhaps there is more truth to those stories than one might think...

Enchanted Parchment

Category: Crafting Materials

Rarity: Common

In the forward thinking city of Bruwena, spellmakers are a dime a dozen. Hundreds of artisan parlours line the busy streets of the futuristic metropolis, each with their own unique stamp to certify that their scrolls are ethically made. The finest enchanted paper takes magical ink like butter, resulting in smooth and precise spellwork to be envied by all. Slipping down a crooked alleyway to a cheaper supplier, on the other hand, can yield explosive results.

It's rare that enchanted parchment is used for much other than spells, but there are records of it being commissioned for use in official decrees by nobility. Generally, this is considered a frivolous practice - the amount of work that goes into perfecting a single sheet of paper is far from small - but there are some families that keep up this tradition, particularly for marriage records.

Star Fragment

Category: Crafting Materials

Rarity: Rare

It's common knowledge that when the brightest stars fall, they birth new atli. What's less known is that they also leave shattered star fragments in their wake, still pulsing with explosive magic. The amount of power a star fragment holds is incredibly difficult to measure; anyone who claims to be an expert in assessing their value is likely to be a conman trying to make a few bits if you're lucky, or an underground smuggler if you're not. Star fragments are a volatile yet immensely powerful ingredient and it requires mastery of your chosen craft to use them effectively. There are rumours of atli sprouting extra tails or more extravagant ponchos after ingesting potions brewed with star fragments, but each success story is accompanied by three more cautionary tales.

Nightglow Moss

Category: Crafting Materials

Rarity: Uncommon

Deep in the forests of Celrin is a strange type of moss that appears to faintly glow in the dark. When gathered beneath the light of the moon, it's said that this moss can become a potent ingredient in many different spells and potions, particularly ones concerning light magic. Many foragers in Celrin's rural villages make a living off gathering magical plants and flowers in the surrounding forests, carting them to the farmer's market once a week to sell their wares. Apparently, hand-picked nightglow moss holds the most power.

Fallen Star

Category: Make Your Owns

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