Terms of Service

Last update: 2/8/2021


This T.O.S applies to all works that are created by staff or community members in reference to Tales of Celrin. This includes, but is not limited to, general artwork, writing, designs, and commission work.


By purchasing Tales of Celrin work from any individual you are automatically agreeing to all these terms. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time without notice.


Table of Contents

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Artist Rights
Payment and Refunds
Reselling and Trading
Ownership Rights

Artist Rights


By creating a design for the Tales of Celrin group, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the following terms.


✦ You consent to the use of your artwork and design on the official Tales of Celrin website.

You may use your design for promotional purposes, including displaying it as portfolio work or using it as a commission example.

You may not use your design for commercial purposes, such as producing merchandise.

You agree that you will not sell one design to multiple persons. This is considered scamming.

You retain the right to refuse service for any valid reason. This includes not receiving payment as scheduled during a payment plan or already having outstanding payments from a particular user. Before you refuse service to a user, you must discuss your decision with Jes.

Designs cannot be revoked for any reason other than in the event of a chargeback. If the payment for the design is refunded, the designer retains all rights to the design as well as permission to resell or repurpose said design. 

✧ If the chargeback is not your doing, you must contact Jes as soon as possible so it can be discussed. If contact is not made, the appropriate actions will be taken.


Payment and Refunds


You must be 16+ in order to purchase any official Tales of Celrin designs, MYO slots or customs. Minors making purchases must be using a valid PayPal account with written permission from a parent or guardian.

All payments for designs, MYO slots and customs are to be made in USD through PayPal. The artist must invoice you, any payments sent via other means will be refunded.

A claimed design/commission/custom must be paid for within 24 hours unless discussed with Jes. Otherwise, the it will be put back up for sale and will go to the next person.

✦ Once full payment is received, you will be sent the full resolution image of your design/commision.

✦ Refunds are up to the discretion of the artist and are not covered in this T.O.S.

✦ If we for any reason suspect you are under our age limit, we have the right to refuse service.

Reselling and Trading


Designs may be resold for the original purchase price, as listed on the Tales of Celrin masterlist, or less.

✧ Additional commissions and personal art cannot be added to the overall price of the design.

Designs can only be resold if you have paid for them. If a design was received through a trade or a gift, you may only trade or gift that design. Selling an unsellable design can potentially result in a blacklist from Tales of Celrin.

Designs or slots received for free through official raffles can only be gifted.

You may not resell, trade or gift characters to blacklisted users. These transfers will be blocked by the admin team.

In regards to the on-site currency (Bits and Wisp Stones) and items, these may not at any point be sold or exchanged for real life money. They are intended for use within the Tales of Celrin ARPG and may only be acquired through entering prompts, raffles, or trading with other users.

✧ They also cannot be traded for real life items except in the case of custom art products such as badges.


Ownership Rights


✦ Tales of Celrin as a world and the species within it are intellectual properties belonging to Jesperade.

✦ By purchasing or creating a design, you recognise that you acquire partial rights.

✧ You have the right to transfer a character as you see fit as long as you abide by the rules.

✧ You have the right to make edits to your character’s design with approval from the admin team.

✧ You have the right to give your character a name and backstory.

✧ You have the right to use and display your character on the official Tales of Celrin website, as well as character hosting websites such as Toyhouse.

✧ You have the right to commission artists to create pieces depicting your character.

✧ You have the right to create alternate forms of your characters designs. These may be completely unaffiliated with Tales of Celrin and do not need to follow our guidelines, but all alternate designs are considered likenesses of the original character and cannot be transferred separately.


✦ By owning a Tales of Celrin character, you acknowledge that you will not do the following:

✧ Sell a character for real life currency if it is not listed as resellable on the website.

✧ Attempt to transfer one design to multiple users at the same time.

✧ Claim ownership of the species or world.

✧ Claim artwork, writing or designs not created by you as your creations.

✧ Use a Tales of Celrin character for commercial purposes.


Redesigns or alterations to already existing characters may be done, but require approval from the admin team.

✧ All redesigns must resemble the original product. Overhauls are not an option.

✧ If you wish to have an official opinion, you may note an admin with your potential redesign.

✧ Editing the original artwork can only be done with permission from the original artist.

✧ Small alterations such as hairstyle, gender expression and body type do not require admin approval.

✧ Unapproved redesigns may not be shared publicly.


Original art made for a character may be used personally, but not commercially. This means you are allowed to create prints and stickers for personal use, but you may not sell them.

✧ You may use the art as an icon, background, Twitter banner, etc. as long as you are not gaining profit from said use.


You may not use your Tales of Celrin characters to depict certain harmful behaviours. This includes paedophilia, bestiality, incest, references to real life extremist groups, etc. This list is subject to change at the admin team’s discretion.

✧ If you are uncertain as to whether or not your use infringes upon this agreement, you may contact a member of the admin team for clarification.


Co-ownership is not allowed in any form.




✦ If you are in possession of a Tales of Celrin design prior to being blacklisted, you are allowed to keep it and continue to use it. It will not be revoked.


✦ As a blacklisted user, you will be barred from participating in any future sales or events as well as in the community discord.

✧ Any attempts to acquire more Tales of Celrin designs will be blocked by the admin team.


Depending on the offence, blacklisted status may be appealed. You may contact Jes privately if you wish to have your case considered for appeal.