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Welcome to the Tales of Celrin about page!


Tales of Celrin is an ARPG group deticated to the headworld Forever and Eternity in which the species of Celrin reside. For now, this is limited to just atli, though there may be more revealed in the future!

Atli are a spacefaring species born from falling stars. All are born with an equal standing in society and a special affinity for magic, though they develop their abilities at varying rates depending on what they are exposed to. They have a floating symbol, usually above their heads, that represents what has impacted them during their formative years - it's common for these to vary greatly!

As Celrin's primary inhabitants, atli have developed astounding infrastructure on the planet. From futuristic yet magical cities to unexplored emerald jungles, there are countless places on Celrin for your character to dive into. They can even travel to other locations in the galaxy: the mine-covered moons populated by stone mages; the mysterious, far-off planet where it's always summer; or even the eerie and deadly mirror realm, accessible only to a select few. Wherever you choose to build your story, we'll be with you every step of the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and jump on in! The stars have aligned...



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